Traditions All Together

About Island TAT

     Island TAT started in 2003 by Joshawa Elsas. Joshawa was raised in Hawaii and always had interest in art and Polynesian Culture. He joined the US Navy which brought him to San Diego, California. After completing his four years, he decided to pursue his art career by way of tattooing. He worked in a few tattoo shops in San Diego and quickly realized that he would have to create his own business model if he wanted to continue in this industry. The loud music and "get em in and out" mentality of the shops he worked in was not the industry that he would be able to work in. This is when he created the brand Island TAT.
      Island TAT was created as a way to describe the type of tattoos he would specialize in but also was an acronym that stood for - "T.raditions A.ll T.ogether". Just the few years in San Diego, Joshawa quickly realized that Hawaii was not only different by the landscape and beauty but also by the ALOHA spirit of the people. By spreading love and respect, we can all live in paradise!
      This was the start of the clothing brand Island TAT. Since 2003, Island TAT has been distributed to hundreds of retailers worldwide. In 2015, Island TAT created a new brand Evolve. This is the evolution of Island TAT as we begin to enter a new age of the Polynesian Tattoo. Now that Polynesian Tribal Tattoos is a mainstream art form, it is now more important than ever to spread the deeper meanings of this cultural art form. 
     We believe that people all around the world can enjoy authentic Polynesian fashion designed by IslandTAT artists. Joshawa Elsas has been chosen to be the official tattoo artist of the the Ali'i Nui ( highest Chief or King ) of Polynesia which is not only one of the highest honors of a Polynesian Tattoo artist but also speaks on the authentic nature of the designs created for Island TAT Fashion.
     Mahalo for looking and enjoy!